Luxury Rebel × MIKAEL D联名款首发,为爱加冕

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天才设计师Jean Michel Cazabat与设计鬼才Mikael Derderian携手打造以“DREAM COLLECTION”为主题的crystal系列婚鞋:Luxury Rebel × MIKAEL D联名款。

图片来自 Luxury Rebel × MIKAEL D

集古典宫廷与现代美学于一身的MIKAEL D,从上市以来就深受好莱坞众星尊崇,成为炙手可热的红毯礼服品牌。昆凌和唐嫣的梦幻婚纱就出自这位“缔造公主的魔术师”MIKAEL D之手。

问:是什么促成了和Luxury Rebel的合作的呢?契机是什么?

What prompted the cooperation with Luxury Rebel? What is the opportunity?

Well I think as a bridal and fashion brand, ultimately you want to expand into different sort of divisions and options you could offer your customers. So when Luxury Rebel gave to us and approached us and we were very excited because it was a new project, it was something that was a nice extension to the product we already offer in China. And also the idea of completing the look for the bride by offering her the accessories starting from the dress veil and now the shoe are really just kind of completes you know the Mikael D sort of vision in terms of like completing this. They are very important company in China and they have beautiful product which is also a good price. I think it was just a perfect match. So when they did approach us, we accepted and were very happy to move forward.

答:我认为作为一个婚纱和时尚品牌,你最终想要扩展到不同的领域和提供你客户所需的选择。所以当LR出现,我们非常兴奋,因为这是一个新项目,是对我们在中国已经提供的产品的一个很好的扩展。还有一个想法是通过给新娘提供从面纱开始的配饰再到鞋子为她们完成整个造型,就像是Mikael D完成了一种使命一样。Luxury Rebel在中国是非常重要的公司,他们有漂亮的产品,同时价格也非常适合。我认为这是一场完美的契合。所以当他们真的来找我们的时候,我们接受了,并且很高兴能继续去做这件事。

问:和Jean设计鞋的过程中 有什么有趣的事情可以分享的吗?

Do you have any interesting things to share when designing shoes with Jean?

Every design project has it's exciting, you know moments and opportunities, and I think the most important part about designing the collection was really injected the Mikael D aesthetic and signature, so whether it's with a collar or within design details like the crystals and embroider. And basically the details that make the shoe was all meant to be a microchip. Aesthetic with collaboration and his vision also. I wanted to create something a little bit more. Just take a moment because I find brides they want a small touch of design. Very pretty and romantic custom shoes, so it was really just understanding Michel's vision. Efficient companies together.

答:每个设计项目都有令人兴奋的时刻和机会,我认为设计这个系列最重要的部分是注入了Mikael D的美感和特色,无论是领子还是水晶和刺绣等设计细节。基本上,制作这只鞋的所有细节都应该是一个微芯片。审美与协作与他的视觉也。我想创造更多的东西。花点时间,因为我发现新娘们想要一点设计感。非常漂亮和浪漫的定制鞋,所以真的很理解Michel的愿景,并能有效的与公司联系在一起。

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