Luxury Rebel × MIKAEL D联名款首发,为爱加冕

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天才设计师Jean Michel Cazabat与设计鬼才Mikael Derderian携手打造以“DREAM COLLECTION”为主题的crystal系列婚鞋:Luxury Rebel × MIKAEL D联名款。

图片来自 Luxury Rebel × MIKAEL D


The brand wedding dress series has been greatly welcomed, in addition to the wedding dress series, you have clothing series, which part will be more focus on for the future developments? Will it continue to grow in shoes?

Basically, when I started the brand with bride, which in terms main focus on the collection. But slowly I realized also evening wear is very important part. So I did actually go more into evening wear and for period of time Mikael D was doing a lot of evening wear than bridal. However, we do have opportunity that came with all the celebrities, especially Jay Chou wedding with Hanah, Tiffany Tang’s wedding, we really realized the opportunity to grow more into the bridal brand, it becomes a little bit more important for us. Especially for the Chinese’s market. So it was just the matter I think of strategy and decision making, but I feel both divisions are equally important, in terms of development, in terms of advancement for design the bride. I actually want to take another level by providing more. So right now the plan is to develop the brand to have more excitability for many customers. The collaboration of shoes LR gave me the perfect time because the company was just rebranded, we created the logo, brand image, brand website which also launched month ago, we are really expending to offer more products.




Which shoe is your favorite from this collection?

I get the question to ask too many times, even with my clothing. How can you pick all your children, you can’t have a favor. I think in my vision is a designer, I create to match bride’s taste. Each girl I want to have different girl attract to different dress or different shoes, because I think the true sort of making perfect design. If all the girl attract to the same dress or same shoes, I may haven’t done a good job of design, if I can create multiple brides of different designs, and pleased different customers, then I done my job. My favorites is always about crystal elements, I put a little touch of everything that I love in every shoes.



问: Luxury rebel和 MD 两个品牌的感觉不一样,在设计过程中你认为他们的不同是什么?

The brand of Luxury Rebel and MD, they are such different brands, how do you think that difference has inspired your design?

The fact the brands are completely different. But they can marry together, create something perfect, its really the challenge that we have to face with. But I don’t think it’s a challenge because it can make a lot of opportunity, because LR has certain market for their business and Mikael D has different market with evening wear and bridal business, so however, the same customer is attract to the Mikael D brand equal to attract to LR brand, atomically that marriage of the two to create something special and unique for the bride dreams of the Mikael D brand as well as LR brand, giving those two elements together with really like the perfect match. Because right now anybody or any girl that seen our work, they can not go and get a piece of that work in the store, its really the first time in the history Mikael D make that happen, so that marriage we all looking forward. We are very happy about that and very excited, this is the only first step towards maybe something much bigger in the future.

答:事实上,这两个品牌是完全不同的。但是他们可以结合,创造一些完美的东西,这是我们必须面对的挑战。但我不认为这是一个挑战,因为它可以创造很多机会,因为LR有一定市场为他们的业务和Mikael D的晚礼服和婚纱不同的市场业务,然而,一个客户被Mikael D吸引也自然被LR吸引,两个结合的品牌能创造一些很独特东西, MIKAEL D的梦幻元素和LR品牌结合在一起就像是完美的搭配。很多女孩看到我的婚纱或礼服也许她们无法直接去买,但是现在的联名系列让更多的女孩儿可以接触到MIKAEL,这是有史以来MIKAELD第一次实现这一点,我们对此感到非常高兴和兴奋,也期待未来有更多的突破。

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